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Crypto Fatigue

I’ve mentioned my relatively long tenure in the crypto space before, I got involved buying my first bitcoin back in 2012. Its been a long journey, and I’ve been through several of the cycles that crypto seems to have.

For those new to the process there is a time after the fun run up where things calm down, and you are just not as excited as you used to be. Because lets face it, number go sideways or down is not as fun and exciting as number go up! For some they go on to the next thing for others they hang out and stay involved in a more moderate pace. I think this is the best time of the cycle, its like after a big party when you get to sit down and say, “wow that was great, I’m a little sad to see it over but I had fun, time to clean up!”

This is the time to consider what your positions are, how much exposure you have to certain projects. Are there changes you’d like to make? This is also the time I might start looking to ease back into buying. There is definitely the chance we either have things fall much much further, or we are just in a mini breather, but as I mentioned in the post on how to trade you don’t have to be all in or all out, use the cycle, start easing in and easing out of your positions.

My plan when I have a little more time is to sit down and maybe score all of my positions. Determine which I still have a lot of belief in and which just seem to be empty projects. Then based on some rough valuation metric determine how much I want to own of each. Finally spend the time to start moving some value around. The only problem with my plan is that I will need to be considering the tax consequences while I do that, there is still a lot of embedded gains! (nice problem to have of course)

If you are new to crypto and you feel that fatigue, its normal. Use this quite time to get your house in order, to regroup for what I think is the inevitable next wave.

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