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Personal Investments – March 2022 Update

In general this site has been dedicated to broader personal finance, crypto and economic topics. I’ve learned over the year that its interesting to hear what other people’s real life experiences are with their finances. So I thought maybe doing some posts on what I do personally and how I handle my finances might be interesting. I’ll try to offer details but without going too deep for privacy reasons. But this site is “The Investment Nerd” we should have more investment talk!

So how are our finances set up currently? Because I’m an investment and finance nerd I actually do monthly financial statements, ya nerdy… (definitely not necessary for people who don’t enjoy that stuff) I have my general info as of the end of February…

Total Assets:

Cash = 8%

Stocks/bonds = 27%

Real Estate = 48%

Crypto = 16%

Other = 1%

Total Leverage is about 25% of assets

So, that Real Estate portion is big right? That includes our primary residence, some rental properties, and some real estate funds we are invested in. I’ve always been a bit of a real estate buff, I just like buildings, and how they are mini businesses all on their own. Also for the past 10 years the quantitative easing by the Fed has made me nervous about inflation. That as we all know has started to become more of a real issue since Covid. I plan to do some posts on the rental properties, just to give some real life examples of what happens when you own rental properties.

The crypto portion is large by most standard measures but it is something I have a lot of long term conviction in. Over the last year or so I’ve sold about half of my position and recycled most of that into real estate, and some stocks and cash.

The stock portion is a mix of retirement accounts and other taxable accounts. I’m currently in the process of building up a account that will be strictly for income which I can talk more about in the future as well. It is part of my retirement plan to have a section of our income coming from income producing securities.

That is the quick summary and intro of how our finances are currently set up. I consider our current allocation as slightly defensive in nature given the large RE component, not that I think RE is cheap but it probably will react less to a bad situation as compared to stocks, plus the decent cash allocation.

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