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The Simple Life is the Cheaper Life

The other day I was admiring a person’s awesome dune buggy they had on the back of their trailer and I thought, “Man, that would be fun to own!” Followed by, “Man, where would I put it?… well we’d need a bigger house just to park it for sure, and then we’d need a camper or motor home as well to really make use of it…”  I’d realized that even though I think those things are cool (dune buggies, boats, motor homes, etc) they are super expense. It’s not only the purchase cost its all the other costs (storage, maintenance, travel, extra vacations) associated with them.

I think sometimes we get so caught up in wanting to have adventures and make our life exciting that we actually sacrifice our futures a little bit (or in some cases a lot!). I guess I’m lucky because my idea of a good time is having a day off and just reading a book or playing games with the family, in the end that’s pretty cheap. So at least for the time being I will not be buying that dune buggy and bigger house (not to say I won’t in the future ha ha).

Are there any things in your life that you enjoy but that are just draining your finances and you could probably do without? Is it worth all the future fun and lower stress that you might be sacrificing in order to have the fun right now? If it’s yes, then that is GREAT, but if you hesitated when you thought about it, maybe it’s time to make a change in certain areas.

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